Pattison Pension provides plan design, administration, and consulting services for organizations of all sizes. We assist in all stages of the plan life cycle, even if you've already established a plan and run into problems or you need help with a difficult termination. Our areas of focus include:


  • ERISA 401(k) Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • ERISA 403(b) Retirement Plans
  • Non-ERISA/Governmental 401(k) Plans
  • Solo(k) and Solo DB Plans
  • Prevailing Wage/Davis-Bacon Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownerships Plans (ESOP)
  • Rollover as Business Start-Up Arrangements (ROBS)
  • Non-ERISA 403(b) Retirement Plans
  • 457 Retirement Plans
  • Cafeteria Plans


  • Plan accounting
  • Discrimination testing
  • Recordkeeping
  • Audit support
  • Governmental reporting
  • Preparation of plan notices
  • Completion of PBGC annual filings
  • Terminating employee benefit calculations and notices
  • Combined plan limitation calculations


  • Employee training and education
  • Mid-year projection and modeling
  • Tax planning support
  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Succession planning support
  • Recordkeeper/custodian changes
  • Governmental inquiries


Pattison Pension is a truly independent third party administrator. What that means is we aren't tied to any one custodian, accountant, investment advisor, or ERISA attorney. We work with any willing parties and represent our clients first. This keeps fees low, fosters an environment of trust and accountability, and yields the best solutions available.

We have spent years working with dozens of recordkeeper/custodian platforms, including:

  • Nationwide
  • American Funds / Capital Group
  • John Hancock
  • Principal
  • Voya
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Empower
  • CUNA Mutual
  • Ascensus
  • Lincoln Financial Group

If you use a platform that isn't listed, or if you are an advisor or CPA that would like to work with us, please contact us to start a conversation on how we can work together!


Pattison Pension maintains a culture focused on customer service and solid, useful products. We strive to be better than good enough: we aim to be a valued, long-term partner for your organization and the professionals that support it.

Since 1990, we have demonstrated what the merger of high professional standards and low overhead can provide to our clients. We have grown organically from a few dozen clients to our current state, all without compromising our signature high quality service or reasonable professional fees. We pride ourselves on providing thoughtful, recurring analysis and prudent, tailored solutions to all benefit solutions we provide well beyond the initial design phase.

Our staff has decades of experience in retirement planning, accounting, customer service, and even information technology. We are managed by Certified Public Accountants not because it is required, but because it provides that extra insight into how your plan might really benefit the bottom line. In addition to meeting the continuing education requirements for our licensed professionals, our staff attends national and professional meetings as well as in-house training to ensure we are versed in any changes to the regulatory environment.

Please contact us to meet our team and learn more about why we're the right partner for your organization.